Proof of vaccination is no longer required for entry to the Smith Opera House. Masks are no longer required, though we strongly encourage their use particularly by those unvaccinated, including children. The Smith reserves the right to amend this policy as necessary, including at the request of specific artists or presenters.

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Do you get as excited about new bathrooms as we do at The Smith?

Back in July 2018, we began a major renovation project on the lower level of our theater, bidding farewell to some very small and outdated restrooms. This past week, we officially opened our brand new  restrooms on the lower level of our theater. And we can’t wait for you to seem them—and use them! Not only do these restrooms bring in sleek new features such as automatic sinks and flush toilets and hand dryers, but they also have many more toilets and urinals than before, so lines should be shorter.

We also enlisted the talent of local artists to create murals in the men’s and women’s room reminiscent to what you’ll find Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

Without further ado, we offer this photographic tour, courtesy of Jan Regan Photography.



The Smith Opera House’s new women’s room in the lower level has state-of-the-art features such as energy-efficient hand dryers, self-flushing toilets and automatic sinks.


The entrance to the new women’s room has a mural with garden motif.


Ithaca artists Stiller Zusman (left) and Andrea Staffeld created a “garden” motif in the women’s lounge, inspired by artwork at Radio City Music Hall.




The new Smith Opera House men’s room on the lower level has state-of-the-art features such as self-flushing toilets, automatic sinks and energy-efficient hand dryers.


The new lower level men’s room has this musical mural in its foyer.


Seneca Falls artist Bernadette Bos created this lively mural in the men’s room foyer at the Smith Opera House. It was inspired by artwork at Radio City Music Hall.