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SMITH HISTORY BLOG: Interactive Timeline of 1990s Renovations

by Austin Jennings

Screenshot of Timeline of 1990s Renovations

Click the image to visit full timeline.

In the 1990s, the Smith underwent major restorations and renovations. In the beginning of that decade, the building was in horrendous disrepair. By the end of the decade, under the ownership and care of the Finger Lakes Regional Arts Council, the shimmering theatre looked far closer to the restored look that it has today. Below is an interactive timeline that shows some of the stages of these historic renovations. Of course, no old building’s restorations are ever finished, and there have been plenty of projects completed in the 21st Century. However, it cannot be denied just how important the 1990s Restorations and Renovations were to creating the Smith Opera House we see now.

Visit the Interactive Timeline of 1990s Renovation (click here).


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