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Technical Director

Smith Center for the Arts (Geneva, NY)

General Job Description:

The Technical Director, under the supervision of the Executive Director, is primarily responsible for all of the technical and production aspects required at the Smith, including, but not necessarily limited to, all performances, films, presentations, rentals, and events. The Technical Director hires, trains, schedules and supervises all personnel required to fulfill the ongoing production aspects of the Smith.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

• The Technical Director (TD) collaborates with the Executive Director and other Staff as needed to coordinate and schedule all events and event staffing needs backstage.

• The TD assists the Administrative Staff in creating event and seasonal budgets and explains and advocates for all needs and issues surrounding the production department.

• The TD manages the Backstage and Production areas of the Smith to monitor all inventory, provide security and integrity of all facilities and personnel, and maintain a clean and presentable appearance to the public.

• The TD hires and manages all production staff including designers, technicians, and stagehands in all production departments including lighting, sound, and rigging.

• The TD advances upcoming events and serves as the primary point of contact for touring acts, promoter rentals, and local renters. This includes planning for all labor calls, production departments, and vehicles and loading dock.

• The TD in rotation with the Associate TD shall serve as the Production Lead for every individual event. The Production Lead oversees the technical staff on the day of a show from before load in until the staff is dismissed at the end of the call. They are also responsible for communication with Smith event staff, renters, and touring staff.

• The TD is responsible for reporting accurately and promptly all performance and event settlement information as necessary to the Executive Director and Bookkeeper.

• The TD has primary responsibility for providing all payroll and vendor information to the Bookkeeping office in a timely manner.

Other Duties and Responsibilities:

• The TD conducts business in a professional and polite manner to maintain a positive industry reputation for the Smith.

• The TD provides Executive Director with annual and long-term budget information for replacement and/or purchase of equipment.

• Oversees general maintenance and facility upkeep of production areas; works closely with the Maintenance and Custodial area.

• The TD is responsible for timely reporting to the Executive Director of any concerns about safety, overall maintenance, renovation, and/or restoration of the Smith.

• When functioning as a Production Lead, have primary responsibility for overseeing the daily “shut down” of the facility. Including but not limited to sound and lighting systems, exterior doors and security.

Qualifications for The Job:


Bachelor’s Degree or higher preferred. Industry experience will be considered in lieu of formal degree.


• 5+ years’ technical theatre or equivalent experience

• Familiarity with all genres of performing arts and all areas of technical theatre: lighting, sound, properties, rigging, carpentry, etc.

• Track record of maintaining highest standards of industry safety and working conditions

• Strong reputation for honesty, integrity, strong leadership and management skills

• Excellent verbal and written Communication skills


• Proficient at all industry technical software, and standard Office software (i.e. Word, Excel), calendaring, e-mail, etc.

• Must be able to accommodate flexible work hours, including evenings and weekends.

• Able to climb, lift 50+ pounds, maintain while standing or walking 8+ hours a day.

Salary is commensurate with experience.

Application Instructions:

Applicant must submit letter of interest, resume and list of references to Susan Monagan, Executive Director; Email submissions are welcome at Applications will be reviewed until the successful candidate is selected. The Smith is an Equal Opportunity Employer.