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Smith Gift Cards

Want to share your love of The Smith with family and friends? A Smith Gift Card is the perfect way to do so.

We offer Smith Gift Cards at our Box Office and by phone only (Box Office hours are 10 am to 4 pm Tuesday through Friday, 82 Seneca Street, Geneva, 315-781-5483). Your Smith Gift Card can be set for any value you choose (there is a $10 minimum).

Smith Gift Cards can be used to purchase tickets to any show presented by the Smith Center for the Arts, including The Smith’s Jan Regan Club Series. There is no expiration date.

Please note the following policies and restrictions on Smith Gift Cards:

  • Smith Gift Cards can only be redeemed for ticket orders made in the Box Office; they cannot be redeemed through online ticket orders or by phone.
  • If the total for your ticket order is greater than the value of your gift card, we can only accept the balance in cash or personal check.
  • If the total of your ticket order is less than the value of your Smith Gift Card, you can use the remaining balance for future ticket purchases.
  • If you use the entire balance on your Smith Gift Card and want to “regift” it for someone else or for yourself, bring it into our Box Office and we can load it with additional funds.
  • Smith Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase concession items or bar beverages at The Smith.
  • We cannot replace lost or stolen Smith Gift Cards.

Thanks for considering Smith Gift Cards!