Thanks to our wonderful 125th Birthday Donors!


The Smith couldn’t do it without these wonderful people who generously contributed to our 125th Endowment Fund.

James and Sue Adams
Ellen Agnello
Herb and Bernadine Aldwinckle
Kim and Vinny Aliperti
John Avanzato
Charles and Nancy Bauder
Sheila and Jim Bennett
Paul and Joanne Bleakley
Martha and Jerry Bond
Mary Lee Bourbeau and Sam Bonney
Kirsten and Hal Burrall
Thomas and Beverly Burrall
Michael and Hilda Collins
Bill and Jane Crumlish
William Dean, Jr.
Margaret and David Dee
Cynthia and Ralph Defelice
Caryl Dooley
James Crenner and Elena Celetti
Alaine Espenscheid and Brad Prozeller
Gretchen Fox
Walter and Joan Gage
James Gerling
Patty Gilbert
Joan Grela
Margaret Haining
Murray and Meg Heaton
Valerie and Kurt Knoblauch
Pim and Kamill Kovach
Charles and Gwen McCausland
James McCorkle and Cynthia Williams
Nancy McDermott and James Matthews
Pat and Sandy McGuire
Susanne McNally
John and Kay Meisch
George Michaels
James Spates and Jennifer Morris
Steven Naimoli
Elizabeth Newell
Mara O’Laughlin and Joanne Goff
Brittany Penta
Roland and Beverly Penta
Preston Pierce
Jan Regan and Chip Capraro
Bruce and Kim Reisch
Dave and Brenda Rickey
Jeffrey Rokow
Kelby Russell
Pamela and Rob Sands
Vincent and Mary Lee Scalise
Harrison Schutzer
Tony and Ann Shelton
Karl and Ti Siebert
Terri Skalyo
Susan Souhan
Terry Spittler
Kenneth and Eva Steadman
Stanton Tepfer
Carol and Sky Vanhorn
Kathryn and John Vaughn
Valerie Venuti
Sally Webster and Susan Bassett
S. Ford and Harriot Weiskittel
Mitchell and Aliceann Wilber
Joanne and Chuck Wisor
Chris Woodworth
Stephen and Janet Wyckoff