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SMITH HISTORY BLOG: Quasquicentennial

by Chris Woodworth

The definition and pronunciation of the word 'quasquicentennial.'

The definition and pronunciation of the word ‘quasquicentennial.’

We use the word “centennial” to mark a 100-year anniversary and “bicentennial” to mark a 200-year anniversary. So what’s the word for a 125-year anniversary? “Quasquicentennial!” Interestingly, the word quasquicentennial is itself less than 125 years old. According to Robert L. Chapman in a 1965 article titled “The History of ‘QUASQUICENTENNIAL,’” the word was created in 1961. The small town of Delevan, Illinois was about to mark its 125th anniversary. A man named Frank W. Hatten wrote to Funk & Wagnalls, asking for a Latinate word to mark the occasion. Thus, quasquicentennial was created! (Chapman 53-54).

Logos for 125th celebration

Can YOU say “quasquicentennial?” Turns out, it’s a tough one to pronounce! On Sunday October 20, 2019, the local artists who will create Celebrate The Smith: An Immersive Theatre Event gathered for their first rehearsal. We asked each of them to pronounce this word. Take a look at our video for a sneak peek of the actors, directors, playwrights, and stage managers who will spend this week making theatrical magic for you to enjoy on Saturday October 26, 2019! Join us for a theatrical extravaganza as we mark The Smith Opera House’s own quasquicentennial!

Watch the Smith Opera House “quasquicentennial?” promo video here.


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