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SMITH HISTORY BLOG: Who Built It Part 2: Schine’s Contractors

By Chris Woodworth

Coverof ‘Finger Lakes Topics’ Souvenir Program for opening of Schine’s Geneva Theatre, Finger Lakes Association of Central New York, March 17, 1931.

The Finger Lakes Association published a souvenir program to commemorate the re-opening of The Smith Opera House as Schine’s Geneva Theatre, March 17, 1931. Copies of this program can be found at the Geneva Historical Society or, if you’re lucky like me, you may find one up for sale on eBay! The following is a list of the businesses and contractors who placed an ad in the program that specifically mentioned working on the renovation and remodel:

  • Riggs & Jensen, Sanitary and Heating Engineers: “We installed the heating and plumbing in this fine Theatre”
  • Lynch Bros.: “The luxurious carpet you will walk on in this truly beautiful Theatre was installed by us.”
  • Morrell Vrooman, Inc. (Gloversville, N.Y.), Engineers & Contractors: “Built by”
  • S. & T.D. Beard, Mason Supplies: “60 Tons Plaster, 5,500 Sacks Cement, 15,000 Hollow Building Tile, 2,000 Lbs. Black Mortar Color, 2,000 Lbs. Red Mortar Color In building this beautiful edifice”
  • Frank Dwyer, Exclusive Hazleton Dealer: “Real Coal Will Keep Your Home Equally As Comfortable As This Show House”
  • Nicholas Coblio, General Contractor: “We cleared the ground and put in the foundations”
  • John A. Pontius, Sheet Metal Work: “Our part in this fine edifice was the installation of ventilating fans for circulating and cleansing the air.”
  • J. G. Henry & Son, Contractor and Builder: “We are proud to have done the Carpenter Work and Interior Trim on this Beautiful Building.”
  • S & T.D. Beard Mason Supplies ad from Souvenir Program

    P. O’Malley Son, Coal & Supply Co.: “We Supplied All Common Brick Used in Building This Theatre.”

  • Dillingham & Son, Inc., Hardware and Housewares: “We were privileged to supply the heavy hardware for this beautiful edifice.”
  • Fairfax Bros. Co., Paint Headquarters: “This Beautiful Theatre is Decorated With Sherwin-Williams Paints and Varnishes”
  • Page Electric Co.: “All of the Electrical Equipment, Wiring etc. was Installed by us.”
  • Continental Decorating Co. (Chicago, IL): “We are proud of the decorating work we did on the Magnificent Theatre”
  • R.J. Rogers Lumber Co.: “We furnished the lumber used in construction”
  • Boyd Decorating Co.: “We did the general painting and the Decorating of Offices & Stores”
  • Dorchester & Rose, Hardware: “We Are Proud To Have Furnished The Hardware” Works Cited“ Finger Lakes Topics.” 17 March 1931. Souvenir Program published by Finger Lakes Association to commemorate re-opening of Smith as Schine’s Geneva Theatre. Personal collection of author.